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Delicious Jade is one of our newest escorts and one of the young ladies most in demand by our clientele.  She is a gorgeous woman who is very much aware of how she looks and how her appearance affects those around her. She takes her power over men in stride, and desires only to please them.

“I think we put too much emphasis on external appearance,” she says, “and I realize how hypocritical that sounds when you look like me. What I mean is that there is too much focus, socially, on whether somebody is too hot for you or not. How terrible is it to completely exclude somebody from consideration from dating you, going out with you, forging a relationship with you, because you don’t think that person is good-looking enough? I hate the thought of missing out on someone, eventually, who could be my life partner, because I was too fixed on superficial things. What really hurts is that there is this huge double standard out there. Men are told that if they’re fat, if they’re not attractive, then it must be because they are losers who can’t get laid, and they should just resign themselves to the fact that they’ve got to try and get in shape, get better looking, work on themselves, and even become rich and successful before they can even hope to get female attention. Can you imagine how much people would complain if we did that to women? If we said to a woman who was a few pounds overweight, ‘Sorry, honey, but you have no value sexually, and nobody is going to date you, until you drop a few pounds. Until you lose that extra weight, you’re just a loser, and if you’re still ugly when you’re thin, you better hope you have money so that some guy will take pity on you and date you for your money.’ That just seems so incredibly cruel to me. I think we need to be kind to each other. We need to treat each other with mutual respect. But more than that, if we want people to look past surface appearances, we’ve got to be willing to do it ourselves. There is a lot of hypocrisy out there when it comes to women’s and men’s body issues. Men can either be good looking and in shape, or they’re just losers who don’t deserve to be with a woman. Yet we keep telling women that they are beautiful at every size and that they all deserve to be in bikinis on the cover of their favorite magazine, and that no matter how fat they are, they are okay, they are beautiful, they are attractive. I tell you what, I hate the way we justify fatness today. You’re not curvy, honey, you’re fat and unhealthy. A woman with great curves looks like the women who appear on this site. She has a nice rear end, she has a nice chest, she has a nice stomach. Those are curves. Being fat and spilling out of your clothes, or into the seat next to you in a movie theater or on a plane, is not having curves. That’s just gross, and we need to start telling people the difference… or we need to let the fat guys out there know it’s okay to be who they are, too, instead of constantly calling them losers who should go to a gym. But, really, what this comes down to is genetics. A man is never going to like fat women unless he was one of those dudes born with the innate desire to ‘chase chubbies,’ I think they call it. Sure, some men like fat women as a fetish, but most normal heterosexual men are never going to consider an obese woman an object of sexual desire, and it doesn’t matter how much you badger them with politically correct slogans. This is biological reality, and no amount of reeducation by society is going to change that. You can drive a man’s desire underground, but you can’t change it. You shouldn’t even bother trying because it just won’t work.”



. I find them incredibly fascinating. And as works of art, especially the heavily customized ones, I am always very impressed with them. I am very taken with the concept of a muscle car or a street rod. Here is this beautiful machine on which the owners have bestowed all this love, time, care, and attention. Yet under the hood is a mechanism that can propel this work of art to breakneck speeds, sometimes faster than is even remotely safe for the human body, and with an excess of noise. What is there not to be scared of? I don’t think I could ever drive a car like that. I might consider riding in one, if somebody offered, but I would never want to actually take the wheel. I wouldn’t trust myself not to rocket off the road. I had a bad experience when I was younger that both made me fascinated with and terrified by muscle cars. An uncle of mine was shopping for a car. He was looking at this classic old Roadrunner muscle car. He invited me to come with him because I had an expressed an interest. The two of us got into the car, and he started it up. The engine roared and rumbled and I could feel the vibration in my chest. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is how a car should be.’ Then he put his foot down on the gas, and the car went sideways, and we very nearly hit a tree. After that, while I was fascinated by the beauty and the power of muscle cars, I couldn’t bring myself to get inside one of them again. I didn’t trust my heart not to stop. I could feel myself panicking as soon as I tried to get near the passenger door. I have been drawn to, and simultaneously repelled by, muscle cars ever since.”


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