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Diamond is a beautiful, sexy lady who recently joined our escort staff. She is eager to show our clients what she can do, and very excited about the opportunity to give each and every one of her bookings the personalized attention that they desire. She sees this as an outgrowth of her own sensuality as a human being.  “Being an escort, that’s a sensual job,” she explains. You have to really get to know a man intimately, get inside his head, find out what he does and does not like, what he would prefer, what his idea of the ideal date is. Even on a perfectly non-physical level, that’s very intimate. It requires you to be understanding, compassionate, a good listener, and it demands that you have a very positive attitude. You can’t get to know new people in the way we have to if you don’t really like human beings, and if you can’t stay up and positive in your outlook. A negative person, or someone who was prone to being in a bad mood, wouldn’t be able to do it. They would upset and bum out anybody they tried to get in touch with. So not only do you have to have the right attitude, but you have to be really comfortable with yourself. They say you can’t love someone else until you can love yourself. Well, the same is very true of getting to know others. If you don’t know yourself, how can you know anyone else? And that means being in touch with you, really getting in touch with your core. To me, that’s mentally and emotionally very sensual. Escorts know what it means to be really comfortable with themselves. That means not just knowing who I am as a person, and knowing who I am emotionally, but also knowing every inch of my body. I need to know how I feel at every minute. I need to be able to put my hands on myself and explore and come to an understanding with me. I’m comfortable with me. That’s a question we all have to ask ourselves. Are you comfortable in your own skin? Or does using your body give you difficulty and make you feel and act awkward? Neither of these things is bad. I never think that a guy isn’t worthy getting to know just because he finds it awkward to dance. I actually enjoy a guy who isn’t comfortable dancing, because there’s an opportunity there. Most guys, they’ve never been taught how to dance. It’s weird that in society we just kind of expect people to know how. There was a time when dancing was a lot less spontaneous, a lot less free form. You actually learned how to do specific dances that had specific techniques. You know, the Charleston, the Hop, whatever. These are dances that you can do right or do wrong, and at some point, somebody shows you how to do it. So why is it that we don’t really do specific dances anymore, because we think that’s kind of lame, yet we expect people just to know how to dance? There are some fad exceptions, but those were fads with specific steps to them. You still hear them sometimes but for the most part, everybody is on their own when it comes to dancing. You’re expected to know what to do, to figure it out as you go along, and to look good while you make things up along the way. To me, that doesn’t seem reasonable. If we never teach anyone how to dance, I don’t think we can reasonably expect them to be good at improvising. I mean, is everybody just supposed to be born with this unfailing sense of rhythm and timing, and if they’re not, they’re just, I don’t know, losers or something? That’s why getting irate over someone not being able to dance never made sense to me. Sensuality, comfort inside our own bodies, is why I always like to be as naked as possible. We as human beings were never meant to cover ourselves up with clothes all the time, smothering our bodies. What I actually means is, think about the problems you could cause yourself if you never took your clothes off. Like, say you wear the same socks for a week and never take them off. Your feet would get really nasty, wouldn’t they? A lot of people don’t realize that one way to cure Athlete’s Foot is to walk around without your shoes for a few weeks. Our bodies just respond better to being exposed to the open air. That’s kind of a gross, extreme example, but the fact is, the more naked you are, the better off you are. If you’re wearing clothes and you get caught in the rain, those cold, wet clothes will stick to you and you’ll catch cold. It isn’t good for you. But if you’re naked and you’re dancing in the rain, it’s just like a shower. It’s nothing to be soaked when you’re naked. You should be as natural as you can. You should be happy. To me, all of life, all of existence, is just striving to be happy. But we lose sight of the end goal and focus on the component parts. We work ourselves to death, and why? Because on some level we know we need money to be happy, and money is something we get from work. But if we overdo it, if we just work and work for the sake of working, then what good does it do us to know that our bills are paid and there is money left over for fun and toys, if we never allow ourselves the time to have fun? If we’re always just working and toiling away, our quality of life is miserable. We’ve lost sight of the end goal, and we’ve made the component steps the most important thing in our lives. We were never meant just to toil and never enjoy ourselves.”

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