Get to know our ladies, Part 2

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Take a look through our pages and get to know Kate. Kate’s brunette hair and olive skin are made for wearing bright colors. “Red is my favorite and I think it really shows off my assets,” she says. “An ideal date for me would have to consist of wearing my favorite red dress and heading out to the newest dance club in town. I have been dancing for all my life and find that I really love to move to the music. From a young age, I wanted to be a ballerina. All those years of dancing gave me a sleek and svelte dancer’s body. My life took a different direction though when I moved to San Diego to go to college. I still take dance classes on a regular basis because I simply love how it makes me feel. The men that I meet really appreciate how it makes my body look and feel as well!”

Kate is proud of her beautiful body. “With my firm and rounded butt, creamy breasts and slender legs, I am ready for anything that you might bring to the date. Want to go on a weekend away with a beautiful companion while hiking and enjoying nature? I’m your girl! On the other hand, I am equally at home in the big city, relaxing and spending time with a man who appreciates my charm and beauty. Whether you want to join me as I show you my latest dance moves or you would rather relax in your hotel room, I am up for whatever you decide. Call me today and let’s set up a date! If you like petite women with hot bodies and pleasing personalities, you will find a lot to love about me! Although I am only five feet three inches tall, I pack a powerful and sexy body within my tiny frame. With firm and rounded breasts, creamy thighs and a perky butt, my body has been known to make men very happy and eager to be with me. I always put the happiness of the man in my life before my own. As a bisexual escort, you will find me eager to have the woman of your choice join us for the activities you choose. After all, what man wouldn’t love to have two stunningly beautiful women on his arm?”

We also think you’ll like Kim. Kim likes to practice massage techniques on her man. “Whether he has had a stressful day at the office and is looking to unwind a bit or he simply enjoys the talented fingers of a skilled massage therapist, I welcome the chance to share the healing and relaxing aspects of touch,” she says. “During a massage is not the only time I love to touch a man though. I consider myself a touchy-feely kind of person and love to lavish attention on my man. From a broad chest and bulging biceps to his rippling back muscles and sculpted calves, I truly appreciate the male body and am not shy about letting my man know about my admiration of his manly assets. My friendly open disposition and megawatt smile make me stand out from many other women in San Diego. I am definitely a glass half full type of girl since I always look on the bright side of things. Cheerful and charming, I flirt shamelessly all the time. If you are looking for a companion who enjoys always putting her man first and making sure that he has a wonderful time, you should give me a call as soon as possible!”

Kim is very proud of her ripe, firm body, and she loves to show it off to her special man as she makes him feel pleasure in ways that that he never dreamed before. “Because of my curvy body, I love to wear lingerie,” she says. “Although I have my own favorite pieces, I am more than willing to let you direct me on what I should wear, if anything. I have been told that my fingers seem to be magical because of the way they can make a man feel. With my experience in all the latest massage techniques, I can easily make you relax and take away all the stresses of the your day.”

Then there’s sizzling Krystal. Krystal enjoys traveling and likes to go out of town. “Though I particularly enjoy trying new things, such as cuisines that I have never eaten before,” she says, “I do have some old favorite haunts as well. If you want a girl who knows San Diego inside and out, I am the one to choose! I can give you suggestions on places that will make the night one of the most memorable of your life. Being new in a city as large and diverse as San Diego can make it hard to find things to do. Take advantage of my experiences here in the city of my birth to give you a unique experience that you will not find anywhere. Whether you are looking for a quiet and romantic cafe to grab a bite to eat or you want to dance all night long in the most trendy clubs, I can find a place to meet your needs.”

Krystal considers it part of her job to bring out the very best in her dates. “I have a variety of ways that I often utilize in order to do this,” she says. “As a very social young lady, I enjoy talking with you and I let you know how much I like your company. A competitive gymnast during my teen years, I still take classes in order to ensure that I am in top condition. The health of my body and its ability to provide me with the stamina that I need are both important to me so that I can satisfy you every time. With my long blonde hair and five foot five inch frame, many men think I look like a wholesome girl next door.”


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