Get to know our ladies, part 1

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Meet lovely Andrea. “Regardless of what we end up doing together, you can be sure that you will have my undivided attention,” she explains.”I will do my best to make your time with me one of the most pleasurable you will ever experience. I consider myself to be a man’s woman. This means that I am eager to fulfill your dreams and desires. The focus of my attention will be always on you and your needs.”

“I feel like the eyes truly are windows to the soul,” Andrea goes on. “My eyes are large and full of expression. They can tell you immediately that I am a very passionate and sophisticated woman. My sense of adventure comes from growing up in Italy where life was much different than it is here in the United States. There are not as many rules in Europe so I do not have many of the inhibitions that seem to plague women here. We can enjoy each other’s company doing whatever you choose. I like all the wonderful things to do and places to see in San Diego. As my adopted home because I am originally from Italy, I thoroughly love and embrace all that makes San Diego unique and special. Give me a call and let’s pamper each other tonight! I am proud of my Italian heritage and it is responsible for my exotic and smoldering good looks. Since I was raised in my mother country, I still have a distinctive accent which many men find sexy. I came to San Diego to attend college and discovered a wonderful area full of exciting things to see and do and fantastic people to do them with. I come from a very creative and active family so I love to dance. I can take you to all the trendiest night clubs and dance clubs in the city so that we can enjoy each other’s company in a fun and exciting setting.”

Then there’s Isabell, a young and sexy blonde who is mischievous and adventurous, sexy and smart, passionate and wild with a free spirited nature. Isabell explains that she is a very passionate and sensual woman. “Many men think that my looks are exotic,” she says. “Perhaps it is my Bulgarian roots that give me my unique and sensuous look. My legs are particularly long and seem to take up much of my five foot seven inch frame. I have a confession to make: I crave the touch and attention of males. From the way a man looks and moves to the way he smells and talks to me, I am simply jelly in the hands of a confident and strong man. I also love to please the man in my life. I work hard to make sure that he is happy every day that I see him.”

Isabell explains that because she is bisexual, she thoroughly enjoys the company and touch of a woman. “This makes me the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the rollicking company of two classy and sexy ladies on your next date,” she says. “Some of my favorite women in the whole wide world are located right here in San Diego with me and they are often available to out on dates with us. If you want me to ask one if she would like to join us, just let me know. I would love to set it up for you if it will make you happy! I love to dress up so that all my best features are accentuated. To me, these include my perky butt, my rounded breasts, my long legs and big brown eyes. I have a secret love of different kinds of pantyhose. I try to pick those that make my legs look especially sexy, such as fishnets leopard print and thigh highs. Perhaps I will find a new pair of pantyhose and wear them when we go out on our date soon.”

With her waist-length brunette hair and long, almost endless legs, along with her Bulgarian roots, Isabell has the looks and presence that set her firmly apart from other ladies in the area. “Though I relocated here with my parents as a teen,”
she says, “I still have a sexy European accent that drives many men wild. We moved here so that I could train with an exclusive ballet company within the city. At one time, I was a contender for a touring company that would take me around the world. Although an injury ended that dream, I still enjoy dancing as a way to stay in shape and keep my lithe and sexy body in tip-top shape.”

Finally, meet Jamie, a model who loves to perform for her man. “I think it helps to refine my modeling technique as well as show off my blonde good looks,” she explains. “Whether this means wearing a favorite piece of lingerie from my overflowing collection or there is something that you bring that you want to see me wear, I am very willing and excited to get started. I am also very much into role-playing and love to put on my naughty French maid costume, my nurse’s uniform or any of the other costumes I keep at the ready for those daring men who are into that sort of fun.”

To keep in shape, Jamie does yoga. “In fact, I am very proud of how flexible I am due to my years of daily yoga sessions,” she says. “I love to impress my man with the different ways I can push my body into so that we both have a fantastic time. If you want to see my different moves, just ask! I am very willing to share! Being playful and seeing the possibilities for fun in any situation makes me fabulously happy. I love to make my man smile and will try different techniques and tricks to get him to relax. Although the saying has always been ‘ladies first’ my mantra has always focused making sure that my man has a wonderful time first before thinking about my own needs.”

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